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Angel’s Friendly Coaching:

  • Coaching aims to enhance your mind, body, and soul by identifying areas of stress, stagnation, or lost hope in your energy session, inspiring you through intuitive exercises.
  • If you’re interested in multiple sessions to adjust and transform your mindset, achievements, and lifestyle, we can discuss this during your initial one-hour appointment.
  • Intuitive coaching combines professional coaching techniques with intuitive senses to provide a profound understanding of your true self and direction.
    This approach helps uncover hidden aspects and propels you forward with clarity and motivation.
  • Investing in yourself and your life becomes crucial during times of significant challenges, transformations, growth, or when striving for personal improvement.
  • A mentor, coach, or guide can offer valuable insights and support as you navigate through changes and strive to become the best version of yourself.
  • A 90-minute intuitive coaching session can help you overcome obstacles and gain clarity in your business strategy with actionable steps.
  • Various gentle and effective techniques are utilized to instigate positive changes across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.
  • Sessions focus on identifying and resolving energetic blocks, creating a roadmap for healing and progress.
  • Healing modalities such as spiritual healing, emotional release, meditation, belief work, and visualization are incorporated.
  • Services include addressing and resolving confusion, self-doubt, blocks, and challenges, providing mindset support to achieve dreams and goals, and offering channeled readings for guidance.
  • Tools like oracle cards, crystals, sage, meditation, one-on-one coaching, intuition, and support are utilized to promote happiness and balance.
  • Embrace the opportunity for change and alignment with your soul to manifest love, money, magic, and miracles in life and business.
  • Say yes to living each day with purpose, passion, love, joy, enlightenment, and abundance.
  • Angelique’s assistance is ideal for those seeking clarity on their purpose, direction, and personal growth, providing a safe, non-judgmental space for self-discovery and empowerment.
  • A personalized intuitive coaching approach is tailored to align with your unique energy, addressing frustrations, beliefs, values, and mindset to foster positive changes and growth.
  • Contact for a discovery session to explore the possibilities.
  • Ultimately, everything is driven by your free will, so listen to yourself and your desires.
  • We are a good fit to work together if you’re ready to make a significant impact by pursuing your passions, taking action, stepping out of your comfort zone, investing in yourself, and setting ambitious goals.
  • We may not be a match if you’re unwilling to let go of excuses, avoid putting in the effort for lasting change, shift blame instead of taking responsibility, or resist investing in your personal growth.

Are you a Coach, Healer, or Light Worker?

Do you wish to enhance your client support alongside your incredible work?

Balancing your time supporting others requires receiving the support you need.

Support is essential for everyone, especially those who support others.

I regularly seek support, coaching, and supervision, in addition to receiving business assistance to better serve my clients.

I believe that when you’re passionate about your work, you should end each day feeling invigorated, refreshed, and inspired.

Feeling drained indicates something is amiss.

Confidence in your work not only benefits you but also uplifts your clients.

This embodies the concept of “As I rise, so you rise.”

By embracing this approach, we can transform the world and embrace a new paradigm.

You can love your work, have the energy to pursue your passions, and nurture a thriving business, benefiting us all.

Consulting can help support you and your business in achieving this.

For over a decade, I have assisted individuals like you in elevating their impact and leadership in their businesses.

My clients, in turn, elevate their clients to new heights. This fosters a harmonious energy exchange in the spirit of unity. It’s time to operate from an expanded frequency and vibration.

Working with me…
Bring your client challenges to a safe space
Identify blind spots in your client’s work
Enhance your client interactions
Expand your current skills
Acquire new skills
Gain insight into your role as a practitioner
Deepen your understanding of your client relationships
Enhance your energy alignment with clients
Establish energetic boundaries in client interactions
…and much more

Angelique offers downloadable programs for self-improvement, with prices starting at $0.00 and increasing. Here are some of the available programs:
Manifesting Journal
Self Discovery Journal
Stop Over-Thinking
Soul Magic Program
Learn about Chakras
Strength & Courage
Un-Block Yourself
Weight Release Guided Meditation Audio
Falling in Love With Myself AGAIN Journal
It’s Okay to say NO
Vision Board
Stay tuned for new programs added monthly for download.

Exploring a Unique Coaching Approach
Unlike other coaches, I focus on delving into values, beliefs, identity, and purpose, drawing on my personal transformation experience and qualifications to guide you comprehensively through your journey.
Empower your mindset authentically and unlock your full potential.

Core Values:
Community & Connection

Application of Values and Ethics in Our Work:
If we identify trauma impacting your health beyond our expertise, we will refer you to a qualified therapist.
Setting clear boundaries with clients is crucial for a professional and ethical coaching relationship.
Expect clients to make bold progress towards their inspirational goals.

Benefits of Working Together:
Deepened awareness and trust in your intuition
Clarity on your desires
Confidence in yourself and your aspirations
Strategies to progress toward your goals
Access to powerful life coaching tools
Understanding of your patterns and traumas
Healing practices to support your growth
Accountability and encouragement
A safe space for visibility and validation
Abundance of empathy and compassion
Grounded approach to self-love and support

Tailored Coaching Package:
Personalized 90-minute virtual sessions weekly or bi-weekly
In-person coaching is available for local clients upon request
Special Inclusions:
Guided meditation for relaxation and presence during sessions
Additional resources as needed between sessions
Text messaging support with no extra charge

Areas where Angelique is sought after include:
Seeking wholeness, power, confidence, lasting peace of mind, and boundless love (Soul Power).
Needing assistance in determining desires, overcoming overwhelm and guilt related to these desires.
Many individuals live ordinary lives without a clear purpose; self-discovery and defining one’s purpose can make life significantly more fulfilling.
Wanting to alleviate unease, confusion, and doubt that contribute to burnout, depression, and overwhelm.
Striving to fully express oneself, be liberated, awake, alive, and bold.
Seeking to fulfill their Soul’s purpose and embrace their true essence and highest potential.
Yearning to feel comfortable in their skin, embody their unique Soul expression, and true nature, and make their greatest contribution.

Angelique’s Profile:
Angelique is a certified holistic/spiritual practitioner, community connector, and entrepreneur.
She intuitively combines various modalities and techniques inspired by her upbringing in a holistic/spiritual environment.
Guiding individuals to establish a better relationship with their inner selves, navigate life changes, and cultivate an overall sense of well-being for a harmonious lifestyle.

Approach to Energy Work:
Utilizes crystals, meditation/visualization, scents, mantras, and other sensory experiences to enhance energy work sessions.
Focuses on balancing the body’s chakras (energy centers) and helping clients clarify their life goals and maintain focus on achieving them.
Incorporates etheric cord-cutting and energy-clearing techniques to promote peace and clarity, leaving clients with a sense of serenity and lightness.

Client Benefits:
Clients often experience reduced stress levels, gain new perspectives on life, and feel a lasting sense of calm and lightness post-sessions.
Angelique aims to support individuals on their journey towards living fully and guides them through life’s challenges.

Why Work with Angelique:
Specializes in working with female clients while welcoming everyone.
Demonstrates authenticity by aligning actions with beliefs.
Shows deep care and empathy towards clients.
Possesses high expertise and delivers tangible results for clients.
Brings years of practice, experience, and continuous self-improvement to sessions.
Exhibits strong intuition and empathy.
For further information, reach out via the provided contact form or text at


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