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Unlike other coaches, I delve into the deeper aspects of values, beliefs, identity, and purpose. Drawing on the unique blend of my personal transformation experience and qualifications, I possess the skills to guide you through your journey comprehensively. Authentically empower your mindset and assist you in realizing your utmost potential.


Community & Connection

How our values and ethics might show up if we work together

Example 1: If it becomes apparent during our work together that trauma is affecting your health and is beyond our expertise, we will guide you and refer you to a qualified therapist for further assistance.

Example 2: We establish clear boundaries with clients. This is essential for maintaining a professional and ethical coaching relationship.

Example 3: Courage. We expect our clients to make bold progress against their own inspirational goals. Together we create the conditions for courageous action.

To help you visualize it I will list some of the benefits you may experience from working with me:

Deeper awareness and trust in your intuition
Clarity around what you want
Belief in yourself and your dreams
A strategy to move from where you are now to where you want to be
Powerful life coaching tools to use again and again
Better understanding of your patterns and traumas
Access to healing practices to support your growth
A teammate to hold you accountable and be your cheerleader
A safe space where you will be seen and heard
A boatload of empathy and compassion
A grounded approach to deeply loving and supporting yourself

The package is tailored to suit your specific needs and goals. Our collaborative sessions are aimed at igniting change by boosting your well-being and nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Each virtual session is a 90-minute personalized and collaborative coaching experience that can occur weekly or bi-weekly. In-person coaching is available to local clients, upon request.


Guided meditation for relaxation and cultivation of presence & inner peace during sessions and various resources as they pertain to the client’s needs will also be provided free of charge in between sessions, as applicable. Text messaging support between coach and client will also be available and free of charge.

People are seeking Angelique to work in these areas:

wholeness, power, confidence, peace of mind that lasts, love that knows no bounds. Soul Power

People need help finding out what they want and overcoming the overwhelm and guilt around that.

Most people are living just regular lives without a purpose. Once they get to know themselves and define their purpose with clarity life becomes so much more worth living.

You are looking to put to rest the unease, confusion, and doubt that continually feeds into burnout, depression, and overwhelm.

You are looking to fully express yourself and be free – awake, alive, audacious.

You want to fulfill what your Soul came here to do, and all that you came here to be.

You want to feel comfortable in your skin and fully embody your unique Soul expression, true nature, and highest contribution.

Angelique is a qualified holistic/spiritual practitioner, community connector, and entrepreneur.

She works intuitively blending different modalities and techniques. Her work is inspired by the holistic/spiritual nature she grew up with.

Guiding and empowering you to develop a better inner-self relationship to help you work through your life changes allowing you to generate an overall sense of well-being, bringing about a more harmonious way of life.

Angelique works with crystals, meditation/visualization, scents, mantras, and more to tap into all of the senses during energy work sessions, to amplify the movement of energy. This balances out the chakras (energy centers) in the body, as well as helping the client to focus on what they want from life and guidance on how to stay focused on achieving it.

Angelique has also been an advocate of combining her energy sessions with etheric cord-cutting and energy clearing to enable her clients to reach a state of peace and clarity.

Her clients leave her sessions with a feeling of lightness and calm which have a noticeable effect on their lives going forwards. It is not unusual to gain new insight and outlook on life while also dramatically reducing current stress levels.

She aims to help and support as many people as possible on their journey and guide them to live their lives fully.

People ask why to work with Angelique:

I tend to work with female clients (although I welcome everyone)
I’m authentic, meaning I walk my talk
I care deeply
I’m highly skilled at what I do
I get results for my clients
I’ve had years and years of practice and experience
I’m constantly learning, refining, and improving in my own life
I’m incredibly intuitive and deeply empathic

Let’s talk more contact us on the contact form, text us at 716-980-5727