What is Reiki?

Reiki means “universal life energy,” and is an ancient Japanese spiritual healing art of using the hands as a channel for energy, or life force, to balance the subtle energies in our bodies.  The practitioner is a conduit for energy that is needed by the person receiving the treatment, as the energy flows out of the practitioner’s hands to the recipient.

Those receiving Reiki often experience the warmth of the practitioner’s hands, whether their hands touch the recipient or hover above the body.

A Reiki treatment can help…

  • Relieve pain due to an injury or illness
  • Relieve anxiety, tension, stress, and depression
  • Prepare and support a patient physically and emotionally for surgery
  • Prepare physically and emotionally for childbirth
  • Diminish or prevent side effects from chemo, radiation, medications (nausea/vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, skin eruptions)
  • Provide relaxation and support during chemo or dialysis treatments
  • Cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system
  • Provide deeper and more restful sleep to bolster a patient’s energy
  • Enhance feelings of well being and empowerment
  • Ease the suffering Veterans experience from PTSD
  • Provide peace for those with Alzheimer’s or early-onset dementia
  • Ease end of life transition for Hospice patients
  • Renew the energy of caregivers and health professionals

During the Reiki session, clients may feel waves of subtle energy gently moving through their bodies.  Others may experience heat or coolness from the practitioner’s hands and perhaps even see comforting colors or visions.  While these are normal responses, it is also completely common to “feel” nothing during the session, but still be left with a sense of deep relaxation, overall wellbeing, and inner peace.  What is important to remember is that Reiki works on all levels, so even though there might not be a physical sensation, the energy could be working on a deep emotional or spiritual level.

What are Chakras, and what do they have to do with Reiki?

Chakra refers to our energy centers where energy flows in our body. There are seven major chakras and each has a unique function and direct correlation to certain areas of the body. Feelings of depression, anxiety or stress are an outcome of the disruption or blockage in one or more chakras. The power of Reiki healing can help restore your health by balancing the free flow of energy.

What should first-timers know before going into a Reiki healing session and what happens during the session?

Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that promotes self-healing, personal empowerment, and well-being. However, people should know that sometimes the treatment can stimulate a mild detoxification process such as fatigue or anxiety. These reactions can occur after a Reiki treatment but subside within 24hrs. 

My Reiki treatments begin with Guided Meditation to invoke one’s spirit guides and guardian angels. As an intuitive healer, I blend my energy with my client to sense where the blockages are and what is causing the disruptions. I then proceed with sound therapy to strengthen my clients’ chakras and auric field, finishing with a guided meditation where I have my clients visualize their desired intention.

Each reiki session with me includes crystal therapy and a mini angel card reading.  I utilize the healing qualities of crystals to balance your chakras, pull out dense energy and promote healing at no additional fee. Wear something comfortable for your session, and be prepared to leave feeling more relaxed, balanced, and grounded. Often messages come through from your guides during a session, giving you a deeper understanding of your present situation. From time to time I also feel the presence of your departed loved ones who may come to say hello!

You may experience…

  • Powerful and quick shifts that move you forward
  • Deeper spiritual reflection and insight to empower the weaker aspects of the self, in order to consciously heal
  • Feeling lighter, re-focused, happier with a clear direction
  • Emotional & physical pain being lifted with a deeper connection with the higher self
  • Miraculous health recoveries
  • Releasing of old patterns
  • Healing of heartache
  • Deeper sense of self-love

Everything is made of energy and vibration. Energy therapies help to restore the healthy balance of the energy field by clearing blockages and addressing imbalances.

Energy Healing is found to be a beneficial tool for pain management, stress management, depression, and anxiety, as well as to achieve mental clarity, relaxation, spiritual growth, and an enhanced sense of inner peace, connection and well-being.

Energy Work helps to release unwanted patterns and energies; improves immunity; aids in the recovery from surgery, chronic or acute illness/pain; and brings support during times of transition

Reiki is not a replacement for medical or mental health care. Reiki works in combination with medical and psychological therapies to help facilitate recovery and healing. If you have medical conditions currently being treated by or which should be treated by a physician, it is very important that you continue (or seek out) that care. A Reiki practitioner cannot give medical diagnoses or advice.*

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