Angelique is amazing, she is a very inspirational and knowledgeable coach that has the skills and talent to help you achieve any goal. I look forward to working with Angelique again in the near future. Thank you Angelique!


One session with Angelique helped me to discover and identify a few talents that I had not thought of for myself. Thank you Angelique! You are insightful, intuitive, an inspiration, and a brilliant strategist. I can not wait to share my newly discovered talents with the world! Cheers to Beautiful Faces Going Places!


When the interview is so natural and invigorating that you forget you are preparing for some challenges/deaths in the upcoming days, you know that the interviewer is the bomb.com! Angelique actually knows how to get a person to relax, reflect and rediscover the topic she presents or questions she asks during her interview. It was time well spent I must say. Thanks sweetie – YOU ROCK!


Angelique is beyond a delight to be around in general, not to mention the world of good she can and will do for your mindset! I encourage you to have a conversation with Angelique and find out how she can help you!

Marie Allison- Angelique is a very positive-minded, caring, and special person. Nothing but good vibes! I always look forward to sessions with her and recommend trying one out. You won’t regret it. Such a relaxing and refreshing experience


Angelique is an amazing resource for anyone looking to grow as an entrepreneur and indeed as a person!!!! She is insightful and truly wants to help you discover your path to success. Angelique is a veritable fountain of ideas. Once she starts thinking of ways you can grow your business, it’s as if she taps into a stream of knowledge, to the point where my brain is spinning in a good way.She also knows so many people and always is trying to introduce t to each other, to grow their businesses. Contact her and watch your business grow !