10 Fun Facts About Angelique


She adores summer the most because of the sunny weather.


She has watched Frozen more than 100 times and Frozen 2 over 20 times. Clearly, she is a big fan of Frozen. However, it’s Olaf that truly captures her heart.


The festive season of Christmas holds her heart, where culinary creations dance in her hands like magic spells.


She enjoys embarking on solo road trips or traveling with her children. Music serves as a form of therapy for her.


Her childhood nickname was Angel, and it remains unchanged to this day.


Her daughters named her business from her nickname, Angel.


She adores pizza and could enjoy it non-stop.


Music is everything to her. She listens to a variety of genres depending on her mood and thoroughly enjoys immersing herself in music.


She adores trying new experiences, exploring different restaurants, and visiting dive bars. Sharing meals with friends and cherishing those moments to create lasting memories is her passion. Supporting local businesses is her priority. The ultimate combination for her is good Bourbon and food.


She enjoys assisting those in need and dedicates her time to volunteering for causes such as supporting veterans, raising awareness about suicide prevention, and contributing to St. Baldrick’s childhood research.

Angelique’s Philosophy

“If you believe you deserve more, I can help you get it.”

Angelique’s Bio

Committed to honor and passion, Angelique Mercurio, the CEO and Founder of Angel’s Friendly Coaching stepped away from the corporate marketing world. In her role as an Intuitive Mindset Coach, Angelique utilizes her talents to lead clients through meditation, mindful exercises, and talk therapy.

Recognizing the importance of cleansing as a vital initial step toward healing, Angelique offers House Cleansings and Angel Card Readings to assist her clients in breaking free from negative patterns, while embracing a natural essence of mind, soul, and positive energy.

Angelique expresses, “I have always been intrigued by people’s mindsets and behaviors. My joy lies in helping individuals transition from negativity to positivity. I am inherently optimistic and aim to show others how to appreciate what they have. The universe provides abundance to those who are prepared and open to receiving it.”

As an Intuitive Coach, Angelique Mercurio directs her attention toward guiding her clients toward their life’s purpose. With a strong passion for people, she prioritizes connecting and collaborating as she journeys worldwide to cultivate meaningful relationships.

A mother of two teenage daughters, Angelique resides in New York and enjoys traveling across the United States for work. Her mantra is “family first,” relishing moments spent with loved ones and friends.

Angelique’s Classification & Approach

Angelique identifies herself as a Spiritual Warrior, indicating her strong connection with her soul and spirit. This allows her to comprehend your needs and assist you in nurturing your unique intuitive abilities and listening to your instincts. Through a range of Spiritual and Law of Attraction practices, she helps you move beyond mere thoughts to connect with your heart and perceive beyond the physical realm.

Angelique provides practical support to help you bridge the gap between your essence and the impact of your life and work. She aids you in uncovering the core of your beliefs while devising strategies to overcome barriers to your progress and success. Her comprehensive approach incorporates metaphysical healing tools like dream interpretation, spiritual evaluation, meditation, prayer, positive thinking, and other similar techniques.

As an Intuitive Mindset Coach, Angelique integrates meditation, energy work, setting intentions, and most importantly, assisting you in tuning into your intuition and senses and harnessing your inherent capabilities. These skills are beneficial for personal growth in daily life, for both you and your pet, as animals are often our greatest teachers.

Together, we focus on creating transformation through optimistic efforts. Angelique’s clients frequently express anticipation for their sessions and consistently feel uplifted, lighter, and more positive after each call.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Angelique is dedicated to assisting individuals, like you, in transforming their perspectives on life and the world around them. By doing so, she aims to create a pathway for positivity to enter your life experiences effortlessly.

She offers guidance free from judgment and provides valuable insights to fill any gaps.

In Angelique’s own words:
“I often find it challenging to define the nature of my energy work. To put it simply, I approach each session with openness and readiness to support my clients in their current state.

Sometimes, it involves discussions to navigate through life situations or health concerns. Other times, it entails quieting the mind’s noise to help you hear your inner voice. Energy readings are also part of the process, where we give shape to intangible aspects (such as the energy between two individuals) and explore potential transformations in that space. On occasion, we delve into the depths of time and space to heal long-standing patterns or wounds that the soul has been working through for generations.

As people and circumstances evolve, my methods adapt accordingly. My goal in every healing session is to equip you with tools and knowledge to enhance your decision-making abilities. Trusting your intuition as the ultimate guide.

Continuously working on healing and releasing old patterns to create a more expansive present moment.”



Angelique’s Credentials

  • Marketing Degree
  • Business Management Degree
  • Psychology Degree
  • MSW
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Business Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Angel Practitioner
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Dr. of Metaphysics
  • Dr. of Metaphysical Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Ordained Minister

Angelique possesses life skills that have propelled her to great heights. Despite facing numerous challenges, she obtained all her credentials online while balancing raising her two daughters and working two jobs. This arduous journey has now led her to transition from the corporate world to owning a business that fulfills her passion for helping others.

People are drawn to Angelique for assistance in various areas:

Seeking wholeness, power, confidence, lasting peace of mind, and boundless love.
Needing guidance to discover their true desires and overcome feelings of overwhelm and guilt.
Striving to live a purposeful life by understanding themselves better and defining their goals clearly.
Angelique, a qualified holistic/spiritual practitioner, community connector, and entrepreneur, intuitively blends various modalities and techniques inspired by her upbringing in a holistic/spiritual environment. Her work focuses on guiding individuals to develop a better relationship with themselves, navigate life changes, and cultivate overall well-being for a harmonious lifestyle.
By incorporating crystals, meditation/visualization, scents, mantras, and more in her energy work sessions, Angelique enhances the movement of energy by engaging all the senses. This practice aids in balancing the body’s energy centers (chakras) and provides clients with clarity on their life goals and strategies to remain focused on achieving them.

Furthermore, Angelique advocates combining energy sessions with etheric cord-cutting and energy clearing to help clients attain peace and clarity. Clients often leave their sessions feeling lighter, calmer, and with a renewed perspective on life, experiencing reduced stress levels and gaining fresh insights.
Her ultimate goal is to assist and empower as many individuals as possible on their journeys and guide them toward living fulfilling lives.

Reasons why people choose to work with Angelique:
She predominantly works with female clients but welcomes everyone.
Angelique is authentic and embodies the values she imparts.
She deeply cares about her clients’ well-being.
Her expertise and skills consistently yield positive results for her clients.
With years of practice and experience, she continues to learn, refine, and enhance her abilities.
Angelique’s intuitive and empathic nature allows her to connect deeply with her clients.
Having faced personal challenges and emerged stronger, she is well-equipped to support others on their paths.

Angelique’s journey has instilled in her the confidence to guide individuals through their processes, offering unwavering support and encouragement.
She challenges the notion of seeking external validation for self-worth and instead emphasizes the importance of unlearning self-limiting beliefs to rediscover inner strength and confidence.

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