Your soul signature is who you are at your core — your singular contribution to the world. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with your career or profession — though it might. It’s more likely about the accumulated essence of everything you have ever been, though, felt, done, or experienced in your entire life.

Intuitive Mindset Coach

Here at Angel’s Friendly Coaching, we strive to be a stable guide for you, as you go through life’s transitions. Our goal is to build your self-esteem and confidence through teaching resiliency and mindfulness techniques. Powerfully impacting you, we create a sacred healing space for you to feel safe and open to vulnerability while being honest with yourself.

We vow to give you permission to let go to empower you to get unstuck. This allows you to heal your wounds, and forever change undesirable and nonproductive subconscious programming. We understand that your thoughts cause the emotions you feel. Therefore, we work to identify your beliefs that influence your thoughts. This is done with or without you fully present, so you can sit back, observe, and let go.

With a focus on helping you intimately develop your own intuition, your spirit becomes empowered to trust in yourself and build faith in your spirit.

Angelique’s purpose is to teach and enhance self-discovery, peace, and self-acceptance by using metaphysical/spiritual support for a prosperous, abundant lifestyle, removing negativity and blockages, cleansing your space, promoting wisdom, clarity, and attract blessings.

Angelique is here to help you discover your full potential. Together we explore a life where you are happy with who you are, excited to wake up each day, and motivated to go after your biggest dreams.


Why You Are Here

You Are Looking For:
Deeper Spiritual Connection
Angel Card Readings
Energy Healing
You Want To:
Get unstuck
Enhance your personal life
Enhance your business life
Develop strength and confidence
Safely confront issues
Know your life’s purpose
Learn how to reach your goals
Get rid of habitual patterns
Invest in yourself
Learn the essence of self
Life Is Too Short, Start Living!
And You Are: