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HI I’m Angelique!

Angel's Friendly Coaching mission is to assist individuals, teams, and organisations to optimize their potential through motivated goal setting, positive attitude, clarity of focus and thinking. I specialize in Intuitive Mindset Coaching with positive life changes. Book a Discovery Session today and we can discuss how to begin your journey to creating your most positive abundant life in mind, body and spirit.

My promise to you is to provide you with the best of my skills, qualifications and life experience. I am 100% committed to you as my client and believe you deserve the most empathic, balanced and realistic transformation mentoring service available. I do not offer any gimmicks and I do not make promises I can’t keep. I also do not believe in charging unrealistic amounts for therapeutic, mentoring and coaching support but nor do I undervalue our time and also the work taken to be there for you as a priority. The work undertaken is completely tailored towards your needs and requirements and is therefore intensive, therapeutic, transformative and of significant value to you.

This is only for the Ready, Willing and able. You have to invest in yourself for this to work. I am here to Guide, Lead, and Assist you in the journey called LIFE. You will know who you are and what yo stand for, there is no cookie cutter coaching here. Everyone has different wants and needs. Everyone has the same outcome. A NEW POSITIVE LIFESTYLE THAT LEADS TO MORE SUCCESS. I SEE YOU AND NOW YOU CAN TOO.

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of Success

Dr. Angela Serritella www.beautifio.com

Angelique has a heart of gold, she uses her heart as a guide.Working with her has always been a pleasure, she is a great listener to your goals and dreams. she assists me in what my next steps should be and leads me to personal connections, so I can build a solid foundation for my business. I will always highly recommend her.
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