You need to let others do nice things for you, and you probably need to do nice things for yourself, too! Okay, maybe you don’t need a big sister to braid your hair, but maybe you do need someone to pamper you a bit.

You are getting this card because you give it all the time, but you don’t usually accept it in return. There are two examples I always give in readings when this comes up.

First, you can’t expect more of yourself than you do a machine. If you have a car, you probably take it for oil changes (or someone else does), and you most certainly fill it with the gas every now and then. You take care of that car so that you can depend on it to get you where you need to go.

How can you expect more of yourself than you do of your car? You do and you give and you do some more, rarely taking time to re-energize and give yourself proper care. You need to fill your own tank, and you probably need an oil change! You’d never expect your car to keep going when the tank is empty … Really, you can’t expect more of yourself than you do of a machine. This card showing up somewhere for you means that you’ve likely done just that.

Second, you are taking joy away from those who want to give to you. I know you might not have ever thought about it this way, but think about the joy giving can bring to you. When you give a gift that you really want to give to someone, you feel great joy in making them smile. By not accepting gifts or care from others, you rob them of this same joy … food for thought.

Allowing others to give to you also opens the gates of manifestation from the universe. So, if you’ve been manifesting something great, not receiving from others can hinder what else might come your way. This is your chance to increase the energy of that manifestation. Allowing yourself to receive brings greater abundance into your life, which in turn will allow you to do even more for those you love.

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