Investing in yourself calls you to action.

My goal as an Intuitive Mindset Coach is to guide you to make positive choices and changes in your life. To do this, I offer guidance counsel, encouragement, and structure. My role extends to both personal and professional life.

The answer to all our challenges and problems lies within us. We can however lose sight of them when fear, negativity, or worry distort our views of reality and limit us. I use spiritual life coaching to work with you – empowering, challenging, encouraging, and guiding you. Working together, we’ll discover and establish the tools needed to enable you to evolve and grow.

I use a number of techniques in coaching you, all of which operate on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. They will give you the resources needed to choose how to react and deal with situations.

The benefits of working with me

You will stretch yourself
Two minds working on your challenges – support and encouragement to make better decisions
You start making money and keeping money
You avoid making mistakes
You will accomplish more in less time
You minimize problems
Reduce stress in your life
Improve your health
Achieve lasting improved life quality
You become more effective and influential
Take back your power clear vision
Reach your goals
You will be able to identify negative and destructive behaviors and learn to react in an appropriate way and re-pattern
De-clutter your life


We Are A Good Match To Work Together If…
You’re ready to make a BIG IMPACT in this world doing what you love
You’re prepared to kick the excuses to the curb and take BIG ACTION
You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone in the name of growth
You’re ready to go ALL IN and invest in yourself and your goals
You have big goals and are ready and eager to be supported

We Are Not A Match If…
You’re not ready to let go of the excuses and old stories
You’re not ready to put in the work and just want a quick fix
You play the blame game and do not take ownership of your own life and choices
You’re NOT ready to live your purpose and create a wealth mindset
You are not willing to invest in yourself


Information. Self-talk, limiting beliefs, mental stress, capacity for happiness, troubling thought patterns, such as self-hatred or critical thinking.


Feelings. Feelings that you carry from your past, about yourself and others, what you suppress and express, how you express your emotions, lack of emotion, and your ability to enjoy a fulfilling life.


The buildup, containment, and expression of your life force energy. In my one-on-one work I observe, activate, and clear the energy channels in the body. This in turn increases the level of life force energy flowing through the body.


The essence of self. Sacred practices that transcend the moment. Develop a deeper intuitive/spiritual connection. Link with your guardian angels and Divine support system. Experience your Divine Source and unite with your Higher Self.

Getting unstuck and moving in the right direction both personally and in business.

  • Integrating your personal values into your business to make work fulfilling.
  • Integrating help with accountability: It’s not always easy when there’s nobody driving you.our personal values into your business to make work fulfilling.
  • Having somebody who has a wealth of business experience to bounce ideas off.
  • Managing stress and work/life balance.
  • Help with online marketing to generate clients.